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Hunting Dog Medical Supplies You Need Now

By admin , on September,26,2016

When you’re out hunting in the wilderness with your dog, you need to be ready for any type of situation. After all, you will generally be out in the middle of nowhere early in the morning. Unfortunately, they sometimes tend to forget about their hunting dogs when it comes to packing medical supplies. Hunting dogs can get hurt, too, and they need just as many medical supplies as you. So here’s a few medical supplies to pick up for your dog before your next hunting trip.


Hunting dog medical supplies are a bit different than our first aid kits. Dogs rarely benefit from emergency aspirin or from adhesive bandages. Instead, most of what’s in a hunting dog medical kit is for serious injuries only. After all, most dogs are tough enough to handle minor injuries, I know mine is. One of the first hunting dog medical supplies you should get is gauze. There are times where a dog might get a flesh wound like a cut. This can happen if they get in a fight with another animal, or if they get caught in some bushes or thorns. You should carry gauze with you just in case this happens. When the dog gets hurt, clean the wound with some water and wrap it up. They should be fine until you’re able to get home.


Another key item to add to your hunting dog medical supplies kit is a splint. Dogs are used to running around in tough conditions without thinking about their safety. This can cause some dogs to fall off of high ledges. If this happens, they may end up breaking a leg. This happens more often than you would think. In this case, you should splint up your dog’s leg to keep in safe until you leave. If something like this happens, you should probably leave immediately. Broken bones are serious business and the leg should be looked at by a veterinarian. Because of the importance of this kind of injury, a splint is one of the must have hunting dog medical supplies that you should carry with you when you go on your hunting trip.


There are other items that should be in the dog health kit, as well. You can purchase a small kit that you can bring with you while you’re in the wilderness. It will have all of the small items that you’ll need, including tweezers and antiseptic ointment. Be sure to carry all of these hunting dog medical supplies with you during your hunt just in case of any emergency.  Your dog will thank you!