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We have a full line of Canning Supplies! Ready-to-use Pickling Salt, Jelly Supplies, Canning Jars, and much much more! Come in to stock up!
Our store will be open until 1:00 PM on Labor Day, Sept. 1st. Stop by and see us!!

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How to Clean Your Bird Feeders

Your wild bird feeders can harbor bacteria, mold and other disease causing germs that can devastate wild birds. Being a responsible enthusiast requires some routine maintenance. • Cleaning and Disinfecting Feeders: Your feeders will need to be cleaned regularly.

Grooming Tips for Your Horse

A well groomed horse not only looks good, but also enjoys the attention he receives while being groomed. • Untangling a Matted Tail: Wash the tail thoroughly with soap and water. Liquid soap will work best. After rinsing, apply an equine hair conditioner.